Publication related to the Kidney Fibrosis Expression Atlas:

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ELF4 in NK cells is an important mediator of fibroinflammation in mice and patients

Hailong Hu, Xiangchen Gu, Zachary Lanzar, Jihwan Park, Rojesh Shrestra, Hongbo Liu, Aaron J. Donner, Meei-Hua Lin, Jeffrey H. Miner, Thomas Alex Bell, Christopher Hunter and Katalin Susztak

Human kidney tubule-specific gene expression based dissection of chronic kidney disease traits

Pazit Beckerman, Chengxiang Qiu, Jihwan Park, Nora Ledo, Yi-An Ko, Ae-Seo Deok Park, Sang-Youb Han, Peter Choi, Matthew Palmer and Katalin Susztak

EBioMedicine 24, 267-276 (2017)

Raw data on ArrayExpress database: E-MTAB-5929 | E-MTAB-2502