Kidney gene expression analysis of mouse disease models

In this study, we performed gene expression (RNA sequencing) analysis on kidney tissue samples obtained from controls and from kidneys of mice with kidney disease. The following models were analyzed:

1. UUO: unilateral ureteral obstruction (7 days after surgery).

2. FAN: folic acid nephropathy (7 days after folic acid injection) (Dhillon et al., 2021; GSE156686).

3. TFAM knock-out; mice with tubule specific deletion of TFAM (mitochondrial transcription factor A) KspCre/Tfamflox/flox (12 weeks) (Chung et al., 2019; GSE134950).

4. APOL1 Tg: podocyte specific G1 and G2 APOL1 transgenic mice NPHS1 rtTA/TRE-APOL1 (Dox food: 4- to 6-week-old male FvB transgenic mice were placed on a doxycycline diet to induce transgene expression) (Beckerman et al., 2017; GSE81492).

5. Col4a3 KO: mice with genetic deletion of Col4a3 (model of Alport syndrome) (Funk et al., 2019).